It’s Been a Long Time

I can offer no excuses. I just got out of the habit and my Mojo decided to take an extended vacation! She’s back and having a challenge adjusting to not being on vacation. While she has been getting back into the swing of things, I haven’t been idle. I am still creating just not in my art journal or posting here. I am trying to change that. Baby steps.

Back in March, I went to see my family in California. I spent quite a bit of time with my parents and loved every minute of it! I even got to do a bit of altering and decoupaging some TV trays for Mom. I asked her what she wanted and she said, “something gorgeous and beautiful,” as if that didn’t put the pressure on! After a couple restless nights wondering what I was going to do since I had no art supplies with me, I hit upon the wonderful idea of decoupage collaging with decorative napkins. I sat Mom down with my iPad scrolling through Pinterest with tons of pins of ideas. She liked. Off we went to get gel medium, paintbrushes, paint and napkins. Now, I thought that would be an easy task, but NO! Fortunately we stumbled upon some happy, colorful ones in Pier 1. Armed with supplies we headed back home where I got to work sanding down the wooden trays, prepping them for their imminent face-lifts. Armed with the spray cans I started to spray but Mom was so worried about my workout shoes getting painted that I had to stop and rig up some protective gear. I was wrapped in giant clear plastic bags! It was a sight. Sorry there aren’t any photos. Dad couldn’t get the video to send to me but he has it for posterity.

Mom and I worked on tearing out images of butterflies, birds and flowers to use to cover the trays. I was so proud of her for perservering with helping me out. I know she didn’t enjoy it at all! Thanks, Mom!

Here’s the end result:


Please keep in mind that it’s more orange than fuschia, although I like the pinky-ness of the photo.

Everyone is happy with the finished trays and they are lovingly used at every meal.



DIY Necklace Storage

If you’ve read my previous post,  you’ll know that I’m in the process of reorganizing my closet space especially all of my jewelry.I say in-the-process because it’s always ongoing, changing, and possibly moving things around so it works better.

I have so many necklaces I don’t wear mostly because I forget that I have them since they aren’t in plain view. With that in mind, I perused furniture stores looking for what I wanted. Of, course, I couldn’t find anything that grabbed me. Then I had a light-bulb moment and decided to look on Pinterest for ideas. It has everything! I did find several do-it-yourself ideas for storing and displaying jewelry. I found one! Adding hooks to the underside of a wooden hanger really caught and held my attention.

So, off I went out and got a set of 6 relatively inexpensive wooden hangers. I removed the pants bar then altered them by covering with decorative napkins. I ended up using clear-headed thumbtacks because I just couldn’t get those darn hooks to screw in! I’m happy with how it turned out. I also got rid of so much jewelry that I don’t wear and most likely won’t. And the most fun part? I’m wearing different necklaces because now I can see what I have!




Crazy for Altering Stuff!

So I’ve been in the process of re-organizing my closet/dressing space and downsizing as much as possible. I have accumulated just too much “stuff.” Besides, getting rid of old stuff makes it much easier to bring home new stuff, right?

I’ve had these handy little mini chests of drawers and it’s perfect for storing my jewelry instead of having everything just laying on the top of my dresser.  They’re from IKEA and are unfinished. I do like that look but thought it needed a make-over for its new purpose.

I decided I would decoupage it with decorative napkins but paint the drawers a complimentary color. I love how it turned out! In fact, I loved it so much I decided to alter another one as my night-stand. This one is missing two drawers but it works great as a shelves, too!



Amazing how different it looks in a different color and decoupage design!


3D Letters

Happy New Year!!! First post of the year, woohoo!

I made these 3D names for my kids. It was a last minute decision (a week before) and I got it in my mind I could finish them in time for Christmas. I decided I would do a couple letters of each name and if it came down to it, I would give them unfinished and complete them after Christmas. Once I let up on the self-applied pressure, guess what? I finished. On the 24th!!! And I didn’t even feel rushed. Funny thing how everything changes when our perspective does.

They’re just 3.5″ tall and are an inch thick. I really enjoyed making these. And best of all… the kids were very impressed and really liked that they were personalized.

Now that I know how, the creative possibilities are limitless!!

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Up-cycled Phone Boxes

I had seen a blog post about turning a phone box into a travel jewelry box. I made some for my girls for Christmas. So happy with how they turned out. So are they!

I used a crackle medium and two different colors for the base and top coats. Matching felt strips rolled into balls then hot glued into place. Quick and easy stocking stuffers and so fun to customize in their favorite colors. I just love to crackle!


My New Christmas Decoration

Every year I usually get/buy/make new ornaments. This year I thought I would add to the decorations around the house instead of the tree. Besides, my tree is getting way too full!

I fell in love with this 3D tree I saw at my friendly, neighborhood craft store. I made some Gelli printed deli papers especially for this project in greens with splashes of red, gold and blue. I collaged them onto the tree. It turned out SO much better than I was expecting!! Really, really loving it!

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From Cardboard to Wood

Got your attention, didn’t I?!  No, I didn’t discover a new form of alchemy but I have discovered the fun of using crackle medium! I wanted to try it out on something so I chose a discarded shoe box. It’s from my husband’s Euro 45/US 11.5 shoes so it’s a pretty substantial size.

For the base coat I used Ceramcoat’s Chocolate Cherry and for the top coat a beautiful Turquoise by Le Franc & Bourgeois. It turned out darker than I expected but that’s due to the dark base. I love how it turned out, it really does look like wood. Now, I just have to decide what I want to put in it!

Stenciled Apron

Using up my fabric stash is an on-going project. I have a couple yards of novelty material with 2000 printed all over it that was given to me after 2000 had come and gone. I finally had a way to use some of it! You can’t tell, but it has gold and silver reflective sparkly bits all over it along with teeny, tiny white dots.

I made an apron and decided I would stencil all over it with white gesso. I thought the dark blue background would make a great contrast with the gesso and you would hardly even notice that the print is 2000. I used store-bought stencils, some hand-cut ones and a couple that I made using my Scan-N-Cut machine.

I love the result and have gotten several compliments, too!