It’s Been a Long Time

I can offer no excuses. I just got out of the habit and my Mojo decided to take an extended vacation! She’s back and having a challenge adjusting to not being on vacation. While she has been getting back into the swing of things, I haven’t been idle. I am still creating just not in my art journal or posting here. I am trying to change that. Baby steps.

Back in March, I went to see my family in California. I spent quite a bit of time with my parents and loved every minute of it! I even got to do a bit of altering and decoupaging some TV trays for Mom. I asked her what she wanted and she said, “something gorgeous and beautiful,” as if that didn’t put the pressure on! After a couple restless nights wondering what I was going to do since I had no art supplies with me, I hit upon the wonderful idea of decoupage collaging with decorative napkins. I sat Mom down with my iPad scrolling through Pinterest with tons of pins of ideas. She liked. Off we went to get gel medium, paintbrushes, paint and napkins. Now, I thought that would be an easy task, but NO! Fortunately we stumbled upon some happy, colorful ones in Pier 1. Armed with supplies we headed back home where I got to work sanding down the wooden trays, prepping them for their imminent face-lifts. Armed with the spray cans I started to spray but Mom was so worried about my workout shoes getting painted that I had to stop and rig up some protective gear. I was wrapped in giant clear plastic bags! It was a sight. Sorry there aren’t any photos. Dad couldn’t get the video to send to me but he has it for posterity.

Mom and I worked on tearing out images of butterflies, birds and flowers to use to cover the trays. I was so proud of her for perservering with helping me out. I know she didn’t enjoy it at all! Thanks, Mom!

Here’s the end result:


Please keep in mind that it’s more orange than fuschia, although I like the pinky-ness of the photo.

Everyone is happy with the finished trays and they are lovingly used at every meal.



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