I’m Back!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted. It’s so easy to get out of a routine and more challenging to get back into it! I had quite a busy summer and plan on sharing what “I Did On My Summer Vacation.” Remember the read-to-the-class introductions we had to do write for grade school? Well, a lot of us had to write those. My upcoming posts will fit very nicely into that niche.

Not only did I temporarily stop posting I stopped creating in my art journals! Gasp! Horrors! I still haven’t gotten any of my journals out. I’ve eyed them and looked at them with something akin to longing, but haven’t opened one. Yet. Baby steps, baby steps…

I have done a few crafty, creative things. I’ve finally, finally painted the river stones that have been sitting patiently in their bag outside. Since this is my first time painting on rocks, I wanted to keep it simple. I’m in love with how they turned out and have gotten very positive feedback. I’ve adorned my outside wall and they’ve really brightened up the place!


Their home…


I'd love to hear what you think. Tell me!

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