Another New Beginning

Yay! Started a new art journal! I love that I’ve finished another journal and my shelves are fuller now with completed journals. I also love the anticipation of discovering different pages. That’s the beauty of a Junque Journal (an art journal – including the covers –  comprised wholly of recycled art and papers from here and there including receipts, old grocery lists, phone bills, envelopes, Gelli-printed deli papers, etc.)

I coincided the beginning of this art journal with my recent trip to Jordan (posts coming soon). I prepped the pages so that all I had to do was journal each night about my day. I love this new method of taking my journal with me wherever I go. My journals do double duty as diaries, too. Having my journal at the ready negates the need to have a separate travel journal. AND since travel happens on a regular basis, everything is all chronologically recorded and documented! A great two-fer, if you ask me! I don’t have to rack my brain about when we took a particular trip and/or did what when. It’s all good.



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