It’s June!

Can it possibly be June already?!?

It just so happened that my first post in June started on a fresh page. I’m enjoying using faces from magazines as references for the faces I create. It gives each face their own personality. I was finding that faces I drew from my mind all tended to look like some aspect of me and like sisters or cousins! While I like that, I do like trying something new and different.

We are big fans of a local football (soccer) team here in Dubai. Well, I am a fan by default. Being a fan of Al Nasr (it means Victory in Arabic and we’re blue) was part of the package when I got married. “Go, Nasrawy, go!” is something my husband says when they do something good. It is basically saying, “go, team, go,” but specifically for Al Nasr when it’s used in this context. “Oh-lay-la” is a song that he sings when they score and always when they win. Al Nasr won the President’s Cup local league and I just had to include it.


Cut up some wonderful hand-made paper given to me and arranged them in a mosaic then drew the face with a big, bold marker.

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