A Different Way to Art Journal

Always on the lookout for new and different techniques I finally decided to splurge and enroll in Jullie Fei-fan Balzer’s class, 30 Days in Your Junque Journal. I’d already learned Julie’s method of making your own recycled art journal aka Junque Journal, so why not see how she fills up her pages? I wasn’t too sure about combining several days into one spread but then I realized that was a way to allow yourself to art journal every day and create other fun, arty stuff at the same time! By adopting and embracing this technique, I have given myself permission to not finish an entire page in one sitting. Why didn’t I ever do that before?!? Oh, the restrictions one places on oneself!! This also appealed to my inner journaler. Having gotten out of the habit of writing about my daily life I was and still am ecstatic about documenting my every day life! It was like coming home but with a fun, arty twist.

wpid-20150428_232903.jpgAt the start, I wasn’t sure if I liked this but as I kept at it, It started to grow on me. I love the big, bold image and the white Sharpie really makes her come to life. I’m so happy to put my hand-carved stamps to great use, too!

Adding little bits every day was out of my comfort zone but I did it anyway. I’ve learned that doing something that makes me uncomfortable stretches and expands my boundaries. I did it! I completed my first spread in my new Junque Journal!!

Onto the next page… I LOVE this technique of highlighting what’s underneath and using paint to create journaling space.


Journaling around the design really helps keep the flow of the page and my writing becomes part of the design. Love!wpid-20150502_174125.jpg

Using a big, bold marker was also unfamiliar but I do like how it looks. And I’m using pens that haven’t seen the light of day until now!

Another page done! Really liking this new and fun way to journal!!



2 thoughts on “A Different Way to Art Journal

  1. Ah yes, the restrictions we put on our selves! I have not made a page in weeks. I am so far behind in my prompts and classes.. I too have never tried doing bits of pages on different days ..maybe that would help :) Thanks for sharing.

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