Can’t Stop Carving…

And why would I want to? If I see something that would make a great stamp, instead of traipsing all over town and searching umpteen stores online, I can just make my own!! As long as I have the rubber. Which, fortunately, I do. For the time being. Luckily, I can satisfy my carving itch to some degree by using erasers, but they’re just not the same; they’re just sometimes too small and if I can’t find my eraser of choice (Staedtler brand) I’m forced to use an imitation which doesn’t always hold up. Literally.

After I had posted about my days stamps (which, by-the-way, are erasers) I wanted to have a different numbers set than the one I was currently using. I had planned on only making one set, but instead, I made three! Both number sets are 2″ tall but one is very chunky and bold and the other tall and not-so-bold. The third set is another days set but in their 3-letter abbreviated forms which makes them a bit larger than their full-name cousins. I am LOVING how they look and will be using them all as much as I can!

wpid-20150510_172122.jpg wpid-20150510_172910.jpg wpid-20150510_171719.jpg

After seeing how Julie stores her cling stamps in cd cases (that girl just oozes creativity!!) I thought, “what a fabulous idea!”  I looked for a case, found one and also have an empty phone cover case sitting on my desk which holds my chunky numbers perfectly. I attached a strip of duct tape along one side as a hinge since it wasn’t staying closed. Then I thought about what I could store my new days stamps in; because they’re erasers, they’re bit taller than the others. Then, I saw it. Laying on my desk just waiting… a make-up brush cover by Urban Decay! It was the perfect height and width for the erasers!! OH JOY!!! I think that was more exciting than the stamps!

wpid-20150510_173153.jpgI love recycling items and customizing for functionality!


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