Egad! Project Life!?!

Bandwagon. Again.

Yes, I’ve done it… I’ve jumped on another bandwagon… I don’t know if I should be hanging my head in shame or jumping for joy! Maybe shake my head and do a little skippity-hop-jump? I feel an explanation is in order…

I am a scrapbooker. I love documenting mine and my family’s story. I love being able to include the story of the event for posterity. I love journaling and including as much detail as I can. Sadly, I got out of the habit of keeping up and continuing the process of keeping our memories. But… not any more!!

Enter: Project Life


I’ve been aware of Project Life (click for detailed info) for some time but have been resisting since the beginning. I do understand and like the ease, availability and time-saving aspect. What I didn’t like was that I felt it stifled my creativity. I didn’t like that I “had” to stick with what was offered and that I had to create according to someone else’s tastes and preferences.

In my naivete and (judgemental) haste to dismiss this possible next step in scrapbook’s evolution, PL snuck up behind me and bit me in the you-know-what! Okay, okay, I’ll say it. The proverbial ARSE!! I was SO inspired by Julie Fei-fan Balzer’s post about it that I decided to use her approach. Why is that I somehow need someone’s permission to think outside the box? Why did I basically stifle myself by thinking I couldn’t create my own journal cards? Couldn’t use my own bits of scrapbook paper and make it my own? Are you serious? I can? Silly me. I really could!! I would!!


Once I got over my hesitation to write directly on a photo it was SO EASY after that!! And once I started looking at each photo slot as a just a mini layout, I was on a roll!!

wpid-20150410_172440-1.jpg wpid-20150410_172500-1.jpg wpid-20150410_172520-1.jpg wpid-20150410_172535-1.jpg wpid-20150410_172550-1.jpgI didn’t realize how much I miss and enjoy scrapbooking!! It was like coming home and seeing a good friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. AND, I used up a lot of my stash that I had been “saving for a special layout.” What could be more special than visiting a very good friend in Cairo, Egypt?!?

Project Life satisfies my scrapbook itch. Fulfills the craving for the scrapbook fix. It helps me use up papers, stickers, embellishments, knick-knacks and doodads. It lets me be creative and the more I create the more creative I become! I am definitely in and on the bandwagon!!!


2 thoughts on “Egad! Project Life!?!

  1. Emily McCrary says:

    Welcome to the bandwagon! I just finished up my first month and so far I’m loving it. I make my own journaling cards, too. So many out there, none that I like. I just make my own out of scrapbook paper.

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