A Bittersweet End

In this part of the world, it’s the first day of March which means that February is over and so is 29 Faces. I like month-long challenges but glad when it’s near the end and better yet, when it’s over. The pressure to produce a specific daily challenge has lifted and I’m free to create whatever I want. The pressure’s off, the boundaries are gone and there is no deadline! On the other hand, I feel a bit lost, unsure of what I should create next. It doesn’t last long, but for a day or so, it’s wonderful to just relax and ponder what I’ve learned and to get a good look at my month’s portfolio.

I did enjoy making all 29 faces and it was definitely easier than last year! Because I’m familiar with how to draw a face I was able to try out different mediums and that sure was fun! Looking forward to next year…

To see each face’s individual page, click 29 Faces Feb 2015  at the top of this page. Enjoy!

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