Doing It Again!


29F 2015 2


**To see the latest Face, point your mouse over       29 Faces 2015 at the top, next to About Me. You’ll be given a drop-down menu; click on the link options to each day.


This art challenge is all about celebrating and creating faces. Faces of people, animals and things with faces. One for each day of February.

I’m participating again! So excited! I learned so much while taking part last year. It really brings home the timeless adage “practice makes perfect.”

Any level, any experience, even no experience are welcome. This isn’t a class, it’s a collective of like-minded artistes taking up the challenge to create a face every day in February. You can use any medium… paint, pencils, crayons, markers. Your choice. It’s a great way to see all the fabulous artists out there drawing, sketching, painting their heArts out! I love all the inspiration that comes my way when I see everyone’s faces. There are some amazing artists out there, too.

Hope you’ll be joining…




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