Carve December 20

Since the Carve-a-Stamp-Every-Day started this month over on Instagram – #carvedecember, I’ve been wanting to make an ornament stamp (for hand-stamped wrapping paper) but couldn’t decide on how I wanted to decorate it. Now, with this amazing layered stamp technique shared by the fabulously, amazingly creative Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, I don’t have to!!! I only had to make a “shadow” stamp of the image I want and presto, change-o, I can have as many different ones as I want!!!

It’s so easy, too!

  • 1. Ink up your shadow stamp. I found I had to ink it up fairly thick.
  • 2. Using another contrasting color, ink up a design stamp and stamp directly onto the already inked shadow stamp. Have extra paper ready to stamp off the ink from the design stamp.
  • (hint: I stamped the top of my ornament separately with silver ink, using a sheet of paper to protect it from the colored ink of the rest of the stamp.)
  • 3. Stamp your shadow stamp. It’s amazing!!!

Any stampers out there? You just gotta try it!!!!!



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