Watercolors + Gelli Plate = Love

I’m prepping a new journal that I”m planning on using for my upcoming trip back to the States next month. I most probably will be journaling for the most part, but one never knows. With that in mind, and stepping out of my comfort zone, I decided to fill it with backgrounds. I have previously ALWAYS started with a blank page, turned to the next one and repeated. I guess I’m the only one who put that restriction on myself. Then I thought it would be a great way to try out some new techniques and work with my Gelli Plate again.

I’ve been wondering how watercolors would react on the Gelli Plate and wanted to try it out for myself after researching a few blogs. Happy to report that I love, Love, LOVE the result!! Because they are watercolors and highly reactive to just about anything,  one (ahem, that would be ME!) has to remember that when adding more layers. I really need to get some workable fixative!


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