Soul Art 1

I’ve signed up for Laura Hollick’s 4 Sacred Soul Art  Rituals. The first is Bodymapping – connecting with the wisdom of your body through creative expression. Her prompts are very thought-provoking, enlightening and I dug deep. One of the exercises is to trace a part(s) of your body that is speaking to you. I traced my feet and hands.

I intended to use both feet and hands on my page but as you can see, it didn’t work out that way. Instead there are a few other elements that entered in. The end result is quite different from my usual (I think) but I do like it. It just makes me smile to see my flat feet! But they have served me well and continue to do so on my journey, ever moving forward. The page isn’t quite done speaking to me…


One thought on “Soul Art 1

  1. Nancy Barnes says:

    I love this piece! It speaks of grace and confidence to me. The background reminds me of hand dyed batik fabric. I imagine the five strong, beautiful women are wearing a similar fabric and dance in their bare feet.

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