Viking Jewelry

… or jewellery, if you prefer. I attended a another workshop today at Manarat al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi. Read about my first workshop here. I left later than planned, got lost due to construction and finally arrived nearly 30 minutes late! The instructor graciously allowed me to participate most likely because I had driven all the way from Dubai. Unfortunately I missed the introduction but was able to catch up to the rest of the attendees. We were all making a piece of jewelry based on Viking design which turned out to be interlocking geometric designs.

We used Fimo clay to carve out our designs, made backgrounds and embellished with either gold or silver metallic. I dusted mine lightly with silver on both pieces, then into the little toaster oven for the specified time. Oh, I forgot to mention how we pressed and shaped the Fimo… with a pasta machine!! It’s not just for making noodles!!

I am very happy with the result and so glad I decided to take this workshop. This just opens up so many possibilities of using white and painting with desired colors.

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