Life-like Molds

Ha-ha! The title sounds like an experiment gone wrong, but it’s not. I picked up this set of Makin’s Push Molds because I fell in love with all the shells and especially the starfish shapes. I intended to make some out of clay but then my friend told me she saw a tutorial that made them out of bathroom toilet paper and water!! They come out lightweight and somewhat pliable. So, I tried it. It really does work and picks up all the detail. I couldn’t believe that it dries hard but then I remember watching kids in school wet the toilet paper and throw the wad up to the ceiling to see who’s would stick! Those babies dried like cement and stuck fast!

I painted a couple shells today using water colors. The result was amazing! They look so real! The water color is absorbed into the paper giving it more depth and a more life-like appearance. Can’t wait to use them on a project!

Makin's Push Molds

Makin’s Push Molds

before and after painting

before and after painting





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