A Hamster Ball. Really?!




A friend showed me her latest project today. She said, “… here’s my altered tea cup.”  How is this for thinking outside the box? I love that she used a miniature one and put it inside a cage. I asked what the cage was and she said, “it’s a hamster ball!!” Well! That made it all the more fascinating and of course, I had to take a pictures. It’s SO blog-worthy!! She said she was going to give it to me after she tweaks it a little. I said it would be a perfect Christmas ornament. It just needs a red ribbon for hanging and maybe a holly berry or two.

wpid-20140428_105257.jpgHere’s a view from the side where you can see the little handle. LOVE the little nest and teeny, tiny eggs. This is so ingenious! And, she followed the guidelines. It IS a teacup!


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