Experimental Fridays – A New Twist On Toast and Camel Spotting

Connection issues last night so couldn’t get this post published then. It’s a twofer post today.

While having lunch at a friend’s last week, I saw her pop a couple pita(bread)s into the toaster. How simple is that?!? And why have I never thought of that?!? I love crispy flatbread pita pizza, so why wouldn’t I like it toasted? This has changed my whole outlook on toast! Amazing. Dinner was easy.

We get really large pitas here (roughly the size of a 12″ pizza) so I tore it into quarters and dropped them into the toaster. I forgot to turn up the setting so they’re not as crispy as I would have liked but I was impatient and didn’t want to wait. They were still crispy enough with a little bit of softness near the edge.

I added a few big dollops of hummus and mutable (pronounced something like mu-tebble) which is a roasted, flavored eggplant dip. SO good! Added a few fresh veggie sticks and dinner was served.





1-2 pita breads

3 tablespoons each of prepared hummus and mutable

your choice of vegetable sticks – purely optional

Arrange on plate and enjoy!







This just brings a whole new meaning to chips and dip! Not to mention a wonderful addition to my next crudites platter.

We took a drive Friday morning after a night of thundershowers and met these guys on the road. After all these years, seeing camels on the road is still very exciting for me.


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