Eraser Stamps… A New Obsession? Addiction?!?

I have ventured into the world of making my own hand-carved stamps!! I may never leave, either!!! Can you say addictive? Obsessive, even?!? I’ve started out with carving erasers and I’m definitely hooked!! I do like the smaller size for several reasons: they’re quick, easy, and oh! so much fun!!!


I ordered a set of tools online and my daughter hand carried them home from England along with my wood burning tool. Here’s my first attempt just getting used to handling the tools. I enjoyed it from the first cut!

Then I went out and bought 10. I thought I would be a little cautious and not go overboard with too many erasers, no matter how cheap they are!! Just DH1.50 which is about 40 cents US.


I tried some more on my own and then went looking for inspiration on Pinterest. And found some! I love flowers, trees, leaves and feathers.




Let’s not forget about geometric shapes. So much potential with these…




Here are my word stamps which is the main reason I wanted to learn to make my own stamps. Yes, I did get confused as to which direction my e’s went. But I think I like it that way. Hmmm… I’m going to finish it up and keep it. You never know when I’ll have need of it!





And then I found my way onto youtube. Good and bad all at once! I did find some great tutorials which sparked more ideas, images and inspiration. Here are two that I felt needed to be shared and passed on:

A beautiful shell stamp by yaskinna from :–pw

Tomoko Tsukui demonstrating stamp carving demo at  LIFE.ART 2013 Exhibition Tour. Now I can aspire to reach this amazing level of stamp carving!!

I’m working up the courage to make a larger stamp with the lino sheets I ordered with my tools. But until then, I’m off to buy more erasers…


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