Happy Birthday To Me!!

Our internet was up and down last night and when it was connected, the signal was so weak it was taking forever to load! Needless to say, I wasn’t able to post these last night. But here they are, bright and early the morning after.

We’re going to dinner later this next week when all my kids are available. In the meantime, I wanted Johnny Rocket’s burger, shake and onion rings for my birthday dinner. The chocolate shakes are the best!! And, there were two cakes!! An apple cake from my past that is high on my comfort food list which will be featured this week for Experimental Fridays and a gorgeous pistachio cake my husband ordered from Wow Bakery. I’m not really into pistachios, but this cake will definitely change your mind! There’s a caramelized, almost nut-brittle texture to the nuts on top and inside is a pistachio cream that is heavenly! It’s a great combination and is our new family favorite.

Click on the circles to zoom in and enlarge.



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