Experimental Fridays – My Go-To Breakfast

At times I am a creature of habit especially when it comes to breakfast during the week. This combination was suggested to me when I was looking for a breakfast that would sustain me until after lunch time. Realistically, on most days it’s after lunch-time. And the best part is preparing it at night gives me a few more minutes in the morning and that’s always a good thing!


About 1-2 oz/30-60g jumbo oats

6-7 dried apricots, chopped

1 container yogurt (170g/6oz) plain, unsweetened yogurt – I use low-fat

a generous shake of cinnamon


In the evening, put all ingredients into a bowl and stir until well blended. Cover and refrigerate.  I also added a bit of stevia for sweetness. Cover You can substitute the 2oz/60g raisins for the apricots and omit the sweetener. Letting it sit overnight “cooks” the oatmeal, plumps the raisins and at the same time sweetens the yogurt. You may need to add a little water or milk in the morning if it’s very thick. (edited March 9).


I was skeptical until the first time I tried this; I thought the oatmeal would be mushy, but it’s not!! It’s perfectly “cooked!”No, it’s not appealing but it’s all in the taste and more importantly, the nutritional content.  It’s amazing!

Ever since the first time I tried it, this has been my go-to breakfast during the week and sometimes on busy weekends. It keeps me full and is even healthy for you. Surprisingly, I don’t ever tire of it. Remember that I mentioned creature of habit? I don’t mind the sameness as it’s ready when I get up and all I have to do is reach into the fridge, grab my coffee and voila! The perfect breakfast! You could even use 2 yogurts (with the same amount of dried fruit) and divide it in half: one portion for breakfast and the other portion for an evening snack.


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