A Hand-Cut Stencil

I tried my hand at creating a word stencil. I love making my own stencils; cutting them out is soothing, calming and very therapeutic. For me. There were quite a few tries writing out ENJOY. As this is also my word for the year I thought it fitting to make this my first word stencil.

Once I was happy with the way it looked on paper, I taped it to my cutting mat and laid a piece of clear, plastic note/file holder. Using my exacto knife, I cut around the lines of my thick marker. I cut out two stencils and I like each one. I also love the way it looks backwards! I’ll be making more single word stencils soon; I may even experiment with a few words in the same stencil!


Adirondack Color Wash in Meadow


Coral acrylic paint applied with a make-up sponge


2 thoughts on “A Hand-Cut Stencil

  1. Wow, I am impressed. I can’t cut a stencil to save my life! I couldn’t cut a mat either. It amazes me when you see really fine cutting involved with art work. It’s a real skill as far as I’m concerned, keep at it. There is a show in San Francisco right now with a woman by the name of Leigh Saldana I think…she makes cut lacey lingerie out of paper, it is amazing……Deb

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