Full-Deck Spread

Using Kiala’s entire deck (Mixed Media Inspiration Deck) of 52 prompt cards, I created an amazing, wonderful, soul-stirring, thought provoking, all-about-me 4-page fold-out journal spread.

(Hopefully by making separate slideshows loading won’t be an issue.  I suggest pausing the 2nd slideshow – it starts with 23.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This turned out to be a collaged all-about-me page without me consciously thinking about that. And everything represents some part of my life in some way. For instance, the photo of my husband is to remind me that even when I don’t see him clearly, he’s always there supporting and loving me; the face on the left reminds me that I can rise above the yuckiness but at times feel invisible/hidden. Not sure what the Sun Goddess is all about yet. I’m still taking it all in. I LOVED the process of getting to the final result. I have always believed that it’s not about the destination but ALL about the journey! This art journal page was no different.


Finished spread


Finished spread with open tip-in


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