An Elephant Safari


On the road to our first destination, the driver asked if we wanted to go on an elephant safari. Of course we said yes thinking it would be in a car safari looking for elephants. No. It was ON an elephant going on a safari. It was an experience we’ll never forget!

Those cushions inside that “box” is actually our seats!! We climbed up to a platform that was level with the elephant’s back and slowly, carefully climbed aboard.


We were off!! We didn’t like all the chains that were attached nor the way the “Mahout” was treating the animal. But they did seem to have a rapport so we didn’t question.

Getting used to the elephant’s gait did take a little getting used to especially since we were sitting sideways.

We followed a well worn path that took us through trees, what seemed to be a neighborhood and farms.

Looking ahead, the trail ended in a large watery, swampy area. I assumed we would have to find a way around…


No!! We just kept walking and walked through the water to the other side where the trail picked back up! I thought for sure we would be getting wet and have to swim back but we didn’t need to do either. Another trail guide took my camera and snapped away.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 420I love this picture… my other daughter is hidden, hanging on for dear life but you can see her legs hanging down the side.

That was quite an experience. Not sure I would repeat it but I’m glad it’s in our memory banks.


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