Call me. No. Don’t call me.

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

phonesI sometimes long for the days when a phone was just a phone. No reminders telling me I forgot something. No alarms telling to do something because “IT’S TIME!!!” Twittering about something, Facebooking someone, checking all the Google+ circles. Seeing all the creative selfies and wishing some of them didn’t post theirs on Instagram! The list goes on and on. Yes, it’s connecting on some level but doesn’t everyone miss seeing a person face-to-face in real life. Seeing their emotions expressed on their face?  One can be so anti-social while they’re connecting socially on their phone.

But, the phone is not the devil’s tool as I once heard it described in a burst of frustration because is wasn’t “working.” How convenient is it to put all my loyalty cards into the smart app relieving me of the burden of having to search through all the cards in my wallet? And keeping lists for everything: groceries, Christmas, birthdays, books I want to read, paint I need to get, things to do today, etc., etc., etc. How about keeping track of the number of steps I take every day? Or converting currencies? Grams to ounces? Pounds to kilos? Miles to kilometers? The variety and availability of helpful apps is astounding. And then the phone becomes the Heavenly Helper it was meant to be.

And let’s talk about the days that the phone just doesn’t stop ringing! Smart phones make everyone so accessible whether we want to be or not. It’s amazing how we are now able to talk to anyone anywhere and all over the internet! The world reduces in size so quickly when we’re able to talk to someone on the other side of the world! And now we can hold phone conversations through our car radio!

So. to answer the question… yes, Yes and YES!! All of the above…

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