Soul Food 2

The 2nd class was about being comfortable with “mark making.” It’s basically done with markers starting out with lighter colors and gradually going darker with each subsequent color. It was a totally new concept to sketching but it really resonated deep within. It’s become my new way of sketching… drawing what I really see and not how or what I think I see. It brings a whole new perspective to the way I draw. It is actually quite liberating not using an eraser! The beauty of this technique is that with each color or kind of pen one can correct lines you’ve already put down without erasing. All the marks just add to the final drawing.

I also discovered that it takes a few tries to “get it right,” as you can see here. I don’t mind the one on the left; there’s a slight resemblance, but the one on the right? Well, I’ll let you be the judge.



Oh, my gosh. I didn’t realize just how messy my shelves look. They’re actually not that bad, just lots of loose paper trying to escape. But it is my studio and I do know where everything is!

PS. I’ve added a sort of mini-blog to this one. It’s the 29 Faces art challenge; create 29 faces during the month of February – one for each day and an extra one. I didn’t want to just blog about that. I’m enjoying writing about an array of topics and didn’t want to clog it up with just one topic even if it is just for a month. You can access it my clicking on 29 Faces at the top of the page next to About Me.



4 thoughts on “Soul Food 2

  1. Lindsaywhimsy says:

    I love your faces and the “mark making” is very effective – I agree that it’s very freeing not to use an eraser – I try not to use one too often. :)

    • I’m learning to leave all the lines. It just add that special something to it. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it!

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