Imposing Architecture and Beautiful Design

Stumbled into more photo memories today. I love this place and the feelings that are evoked when I see the photos I took when I visited nearly 4 years ago.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Impressive. Imposing. Amazing. Stunning. Serene. Solid. Soothing. Calm. All these words and more run through my mind whenever I see or think of this wondrous mosque. This doesn’t even begin to show the immenseness, the grandness of the building. The white makes it look so pristine and one has the feeling one should whisper as soon as you get out of the car.


DSC02090This is the large chandelier in the main foyer. It is stunning and surreal. It weighs about 12 tons, is made of 24 carat galvanized gold and contains Swarovski crystals. It is absolutely breath-taking and sparkles under the strategically placed lighting. Inside the mosque, one cannot help but feel the serenity, calm and peace that surrounds and envelopes you. I felt I was standing on truly holy ground. After all, it is a place where God resides.




This shows the chandelier in a better perspective. It is just stunning to behold. And it makes me wax lyrical.





Here are a few more images I took of the stunning, gorgeous, breath-taking, amazing design elements throughout the mosque. It should be on everyone’s must-see-when-in-Abu-Dhabi list. It won’t disappoint.

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