Homemade Foam Stamps

The DIY muse called me to make some stamps. I was feeling quite earthy and kept seeing leaves and trees in my mind. With just a few items from my stash I made these wonderful stamps that look GREAT on the page.

  • craft foam – adhesive backed is my preference
  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • cardboard for backing
  • pencil or pen
  • adhesive – glue, gel medium









Draw your image or design lightly onto the foam. Once you’re satisfied with your design, go over it a few more times with the pencil or pen. Cut out the shape, in this instance it’s several leaves. You can leave your image solid or draw designs into the center like I did here. If you don’t like what you drawn, the foam can be restored back to it’s original blank form by using a heat gun or blow dryer on it. Like magic, the lines disappear and you have a blank “canvas!!” How great is that?!?

Because my foam is quite thin, I adhere it to another piece of foam using either glue, mat medium or the provided adhesive already on the back of the foam. Trim around your shape; it doesn’t matter if it’s exactly the same shape, it won’t show up when you’re stamping. For added stability and ease of use I will stick it to cardboard. And your stamp is ready to use!

For the stamp on the left, I cut a rectangle around the outer shape of the leaf and stuck it down on the same size cardboard. I had some adhesive-backed foam scraps that I cut into a few thin strips and added inside shapes to the leaf outline. It was quite fiddly and my fingers got in the way but I loved the outcome!

Don’t the stamps look great? Yes, I save my junk mail. Well, this is actually an old phone bill with a personal loan on the back. I like the giant 5.75% and will make a great collage piece at some point in time. I did end up deconstructing the stamp into three smaller separate stamps. The original 3-leaf one was just so big and didn’t fit into my stamp drawer. I may make a smaller 3-leaf stamp in the near future. I love the trio look on one stamp.

If you make your own stamps, please send me a link. I’d love to see them!


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