Polite Company

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.”

I think I may have to agree with this statement. These are such sensitive topics and so easy to become offended as well as be offensive. I am also of the mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just don’t expect me to agree with you when you’re done letting me know what your views are. Maybe that’s where this statement originates; if we discuss with someone we know, there is less chance of being rebuked and/or reprimanded. Maybe.

I do believe though, that if the topics of either religion or politics are mentioned and you are going to let me know (sometimes in no uncertain terms) your opinions and/or beliefs, it is only fair, polite and common courtesy that you allow me to voice my opinions. I listened politely. Now you should, too.

Okay, maybe I don’t agree. To be honest, I am not the one who brings religion or politics into a conversation unless I have a specific question and the person I’m asking will give me their opinion without trying to cram it down my throat and make me swallow it whole. Maybe this is the thought behind this sentence. So, to be on the less-heated, less vehement, more calm and fun side, let’s talk turkey instead. Barbecued, roasted or fried?


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