Project Box: the Beginning

I have this very unassuming box on my shelf simply labeled Projects. I haven’t looked in it for a long, long time but I am determined to downsize and consolidate my studio. I do have more “stuff” than I need or maybe even, could possibly use in my lifetime! And yes, there are a lot of what-if items. This will, of course, be an on-going project and I am giving myself until the end of the year to empty out the box. I’m hoping to finish before that but why put the pressure of an earlier deadline on a person?


I lifted the lid and was met with this. Not so bad, perhaps I stacked everything horizontally.


OH-EM-GEE… This box has Time-Lord technology? Bigger on the inside? Either that or I am a darn good packer! What to do? Do I just grab the first bag and start in on it?


No. I will be organized and methodical about this. I’ll take everything out and make a list of all the contents which will give me a better idea of what I’m working with. I can see the bottom…


Even though it looks like a great, big mess, it’s really not. I made a complete list of all the projects which, surprisingly were very few in comparison to the amount of stuff in the box. The majority of items are samples of projects I’ve already made intended for future class subjects. image

Although I didn’t work on a project as I had originally intended, I was able to sort through and get a better picture (pardon the pun) of the contents of this box. I actually feel like a few cobwebs have been removed and I can breathe easier. Until I looked down and remembered that the plastic bin on the floor underneath this box is bigger and has even more unfinished “stuff!” But I think that’s for another day.


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