Tribute to 3 Sisters

Both of my Aunties passed away last August. The news caught me by surprise. I knew they were both in their eighties but I always expected them to be around. Always. As I looked through a CD that was lovingly prepared by my cousins, I found this wonderful photo of both of them and my mom. The CD contained many, many photos of their mom’s (center) and our aunt’s (right) lives. Since the three of them were close, my mom was also in much of the pictures up until 1975 when she passed away. Once I saw this, I knew it was the perfect choice to use for another Life Book 2013 class for A Tribute to Loss.

I was 4 when this particular one was taken. I remember that day, too. We were doing a “the-gang’s-all-here” photo session at our annual 4th-of-July get together. The hundreds of cousins (it sure seemed like that to a 4-year old even though there were roughly 20-25 of us kids) and all the aunts and uncles that went with the kids. It was a time of joy, fellowship and thanksgiving. I remember helping shuck the thousands of ears of corn, buttering each ear and wrapping them individually in foil to be bbq-ed in the early evening. Another aunt’s famous terriyaki chicken would be available in massive amounts along with Japanese salads, appetizers and desserts. Each a family tradition in their own right.

I’m filled with nostalgia and a longing to put my arms around my Mommie one more time. Memories. How sweet they are…


*To create this page, I first made a mixed media background starting with covering the complete page with Payne’s Grey acrylic paint. The next layers were colors that called to me – yellows and olive greens. I used two copies of the same photo, one color and one black-and-white. I did an acrylic transfer for the black-and-white using gel medium making sure that the photo was upside down. I adhered the color one matching the legs. The border was drawn with the end of the tube from a spray bottle – Adirondack Color Wash in Meadow. For the finish, I added some handwritten text around the frame. I just love how it turned out!


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