My Yearly Word

enjoy [en-joi]  to experience with joy; take joy in

It usually takes a few days for my word to sink in; to feel like it belongs to me. This year was no different. I start out with a paper and pen, breathe deeply and focus on “my word.” Then, using free-association, free-writing or whatever you want to call it, I scribble down whatever words pop into head. They are not ever related and some seem like they come from nowhere but whatever “my” word is, I will stop and look and write it a few more times. I’ll sit, breathe and see how the word feels. Does it resonate? Does it even make sense? I will always start to slowly and gently vibrate and I am filled with a sense of possibility. A rightness. A lightness. And I know I’ve found my word. Or rather my word has found me.

Enjoy. To experience with joy. To take joy in, like a breath; breathe in joy. Or, to take Joy (person) in(to) our home, our lives. To remind myself to be in the present. Looking back at the past is good; we know what we want to change or do differently. Looking to the future helps us to stay focused. Sometimes I find myself so busy looking behind me and in front of me that I forget to just look at where I am. Right now. To accept and embrace where I am standing. Right here. Right now. To be in the present. To Be-In-Joy. 

Oh, the possibilities…


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