Introductions, please

I’m a transplanted Southern Californian who’s been living in Dubai for nearly 25 years. I’m at the beginning of my second half-century adventures.  I’ve always been a journaler and blogging is just that: journaling/writing about daily doings, random thoughts, BIG adventures.  Blogging gets my thoughts and feelings out of my ever-expanding brain so I have room for more. Remember the “pensieve” in Harry Potter?

I’m also breathing deeply so that I bend, not break. Life is good. Really.

This is what I have on my About Me page. It was written in 2008; updated in 2011. Really? Three years ago? It’s still relevant. Well, except that I’ve been living here for a little more than 25 years. I’m re-posting here as my first task for the Zero to Hero 30-day challenge created by WordPress. I’m looking forward to the daily prompts and look at this as great way to kick-start my personal challenge of blogging every day this year. 


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