Another year has passed. And so quickly! The in-between, dream-time week leading up to New Year’s Day just wasn’t long enough this year! I am finding myself feeling a bit rushed to get send 2013 on its way and usher in 2014 and get it started already!

This past year I did a bit of traveling and definitely LOTs of ARTING!!!; said goodbye to treasured family members and got reacquainted with many cousins; read a few good books and experimented with new recipes; discovered that I love aqua class but don’t care much for spinach (even though I was very persistent and really want to like it!); have always thought of myself as a dog-person but discovered I had an inner cat-person just waiting to emerge. I still love road trips and discovering out-of-the-way places; an adventurer at heart! I’ve also discovered that longing for the past is ok, up-to-a-point and waiting to see what the future holds is good but it’s important to remember to live in the present. I sometimes get so caught up in the way it used to be vs. the way it should be that I forget how it could be right here and right now.

Here are my 2013 resolutions for blogging (you can read the full post here):

  • Publish 250 posts
  • Follow 2-3 blogs
  • Leave a comment rather than just liking a post. Let the author know why I liked it.
  • Use a posting prompt – like Plinky or WordPress

I actually did what I set out to do! Yay!! This post once published will be #274! Really happy about that!! I followed 2 blogs and managed to keep up with them. Once I started commenting on posts I discovered that it doesn’t take that much more time than hitting the like button. I only used a Plinky once because I didn’t run out of things to say!

But, Resolutions for 2014 you say? I actually only have ONE blogging resolution!!! Yes, that’s right. Just one…

Blog every day in 2014!

I know, I know. That’s a huge commitment but I think I’m ready, she says nervously. I’m taking up the challenge after reading WordPress’ own Daily Post and downloading the ebook for myself. Great prompts in there, by-the-way. Download the ebook for yourself here.  I realized that blogging can also be as simple as uploading a photo with a one-line comment. That’s easy. Here’s to my new resolution…

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with love, laughter, abundance and prosperity!


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