The Graduate

After a long year of having nearly every weekend filled with day-long classes, it’s finally over. It’s official…

Afra’s got her Master’s!!!!

We were so impressed that the actual ceremony only lasted an hour. And that is saying A LOT. There were about 200+ students graduating Bachelor’s and Master’s. And there were indoor and outdoor fireworks!! I say… only in Dubai. Now we know where the huge graduation fees went to. The only long and drawn-out part of the evening? Getting out of the dirt parking lot!! But overall, a good night. We’re so proud!


I got some wonderful photos of the fireworks. They were ignited just behind the building but it was like they were coming off the roof! I love the how they really look like hundreds of stars. Amazing!! image


One thought on “The Graduate

  1. Susan says:

    Congratulations Mom and Dad and especially to Afra! What a wonderful accomplishment for her. Lovely picture of the three of you.
    Miss you Lorrie wish we were on the same continent at least I would love to talk with you.

    Susan xo

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