PS. I’m not afraid of gym mirrors any more!

So I’ve increased my frequency to the gym from twice a week to three times a week and so far, so good. Now, in addition to two weekly Aqua(robics) classes, I am also taking a Step Interval class, too. Yes, the step class is still around and, I’m sure, here to stay. I am enjoying the variety of the movements but I miss the previous Dancercise class that was in the same time slot. I know my hips were a bit stiff, but I didn’t realize how stiff they were until I’ve gotten more movement back!! I’m thinking my funny rolling-from-side-to-side way of walking instead of “normal” swaying from side-to-side is a result of stiff joints. Mind you, there hasn’t been any pain involved just a freeing of the joints due to more movement on my part.

I’ve noticed people behave in several different ways when it comes to mirrors. We’ve all seen ’em… there are the individuals who LOVE to look at themselves; preening, touching their hair, turning their heads/bodies from side-to-side and back again, running their hands down their sides patting everything in place all the while checking themselves out in the mirror; those who want to see themselves to make sure they are doing the movements correctly and will adjust their body position accordingly. Then there are those (like myself) who could care less and/or would rather not see how unbecoming and uncoordinated we look as we exercise our pounds away and strengthen our practically non-existent (but not for long!) muscle groups.

But then, something amazing happened. One day last week  as I was warming up waiting for class to start, I happened to glance in the mirror (from the side, even!) and was surprised at what I saw. My body shape had changed. It was still me, but a different me. For a few minutes I became one of “those…” I was staring at myself in the mirror! I was turning from side to side. I was running my hands down the sides of me in disbelief! And while I’m not a size 10 or even a size 12, I am not as round as before! The scales haven’t said anything is missing but my shape has definitely changed! Wahoo!!!!! Yippee-Skippee!!!!! I had to postpone my excitement because class had started. I couldn’t believe it, but I actually checked-in every now and then with the mirror. I wasn’t filled with self-loathing. I actually looked like I knew what I was doing! And my leg-lifts were a lot higher than they felt! I didn’t feel like slamming my eyes shut and turning away in disgust. I saw myself keeping up with the instructor and looking quite coordinated. I got warm fuzzies until I realized I had slowed way down and didn’t what the heck I was doing!! Talk about easily distracted! I’m off to the gym…

Oh, and PS: I’m not afraid of the mirrors!

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