Moon Cakes

At the end of September, our wonderful Singaporean friend, Ju-Song, was able to transit through Dubai on her way home after a business trip in Europe. She brought us some delicious Moon Cakes that came in this beautiful hand-picked gorgeous box!  We had never had them before so this was a new experience. I would have been happy with just the box!


Inside were four intricately designed Moon Cakes in four different flavors, the traditional kind with and egg yolk in the center, one with mixed nuts, one made from lotus’ and one with green tea. Quite a variety. Each had its own distinctive taste. My favorite was the mixed nuts.



The Moon Cakes even came with their own knife included in the box! Ju Song told me that you slice it into 8 parts and eat them with Chinese tea. I wasn’t sure what kind of tea that was so I made some Chinese green tea.


The cakes are not cakes in the traditional Western type of cake. These were more dense and moist; more like consistency of a very dense, rich, moist fruit cake, but not exactly. It was delicious! And believe it or not, one little slice was more than enough!


image                image                    image


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