At the Ballet…


Gosh, that sounds so cultured, doesn’t it?

Once inside the Trade Centre (no, I don’t spell it like that, but it’s officially spelled that way) there were signs with HUGE arrows pointing the way to the right hall at the Trade Center.

I was very impressed that at 20 minutes before show time there was no line! We walked straight up to the scanner, had our e-tickets scanned and we were off to find our seats.

The show started about 15 minutes late probably because there were still many people arriving. It quickly filled up and the show started!
imageWe had attended last year’s Swan Lake which was performed by the Sofia Ballet from Bulgaria. That was our first experience of a ballet. We enjoyed watching the familiar story come to life.

There were noticeable differences between the two companies, most notably the costumes and amount of dancers. We did noticed the technique differences but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the show.

I will say this most emphatically: THE TRADE CENTRE IS NOT A GOOD VENUE FOR A BALLET!!!! In my opinion, here’s why:

  • Bad acoustics. The accompanying live orchestra didn’t have the full effect. We should have been able to really feel the drums and have our whole beings vibrating with sound. Sadly, that didn’t happen.
  • Uncomfortable seats. I understand the need for portable seating. But, quite honestly a hard stadium bench would have been more comfortable. If it was very uncomfortable for us (I’m 5’4 and my daughter is 5’3) I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for some of the taller audience to sit through the show. I’m sure there was plenty of anti-imflammatories passed around that night!
  • No floor lights to help late-comers find their rows. Even though the rows were clearly marked, if all the lights are out, one can’t read the signs!

If the shows would have been held at the Madinat Theatre our experience would have been outstanding!

On the plus-side… it was Swan Lake and it was the Royal Moscow Ballet!!! I tried out my new phone‘s video capability and am VERY happy with it, but that’s another post. Here’s a few of the encore’s (there were more before and afters):


2 thoughts on “At the Ballet…

  1. Had a similar problem when Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion was in town and I was in “VIP” seating. Sucks when they ruin a good thing.
    Thanks for the review, I was contemplating seeing it but I think I’ll pass!


    • Funny, I was at Cirque, too but don’t remember the seating being as bad as the other night. Maybe it was the time of day? Swan Lake was at 9 and Cirque was late afternoon. Maybe Cirque was more engaging? I think unless a show is at a different venue or I go Gold, I will be thinking twice about seeing a show there again. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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