Maria’s Forms



I went to visit my friend last week for some art time together. We checked out a new craft store : Creative Minds near Mall of the Emirates. Wow! Fantastic find! They have tons of teacher supplies, craft and art supplies.  We could almost imagine we were somewhere else besides Dubai!

We went back to her house; I cut out dies from empty food boxes using her tools. I have discovered that you can make faux chipboard by gluing about 4-5 cutouts of cardstock or 2-3 light cardboard packaging together. The result looks just like chipboard! Once you alter it, you just can’t tell! Amazing and oh, so cheap!

Maria is part of a tag swap and the theme is to use a dress form. Here are tags she created. They are absolutely gorgeous and each one is individually unique. Amazing what a little fabric, ribbon, paper and glue can do!



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