Book of Days – week 22

Another week come and gone. And it’s June!!! We are halfway through the year, the days have gone by in what seems like a flash! Without realizing it, this week’s art proved to be quite introspective for me. I learned to not only listen to but to DO what I hear/feel. It just makes things go so much easier and smoother! My art was quite meditative, soothing and calm which in no way resembles what was happening this week. That’s probably the reason I felt “the Blues.” Not in a sad, depressed way (which is usually assumed when one hears that phrase) but in a restful, soothing, calm way. I just love how my Blues expressed themselves!

I also completed the challenge of 29 Faces in May. I actually did 30. After finishing Wednesday’s face (which only took 30 minutes)  I had leftover paint on my palette and was still feeling like another Face wanted out. I got out a watercolor page (9×13″), painted, then scanned, reduced and placed her on Thursday’s page. I’ll add the original to my Life Book. I’m glad I took up this challenge, my faces have improved tremendously and I’m not afraid of using colors other than flesh tint! It astounds me how many (warped) restrictions I place on myself. I’m getting better at ignoring my Inner Mean Girl.

Enjoy this week’s Book of Days…

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