Book of Days – week 21

More experimenting this week. I love being in Flow!! On Wednesday,  I even did a face without sketching it first, just painted with acrylics! She’s actually one of my favorites, so far. Oh, who am I kidding? They’re all favorites!! And I tried my hand at colored pencils which give such a different effect than watercolor pencils which are my usual medium of choice. Friday and Saturday’s faces are scanned, reduced and printed copies of 9×13″ pages for Life Book (hosted by Tam over on Willowing). I’m really loving how all my faces are emerging, seeing all the different aspects of me. A fun, creative and sometimes very moving introspective glimpse(s) of Self.

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2 thoughts on “Book of Days – week 21

  1. The expressions on your faces are fabulous! There is a happiness to your art, makes me smile just to view… bliss art, to quote you from your last post, accurately describes what you do! I want to nominate you for that blog award. I hope you accept!

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