Warped Thinking

While I have a few moments of quiet I had a light-bulb flash of understanding. You know what I’m talking about. That moment when your mind is in-between thinking about your day and will you get everything done that you set out to do. That a-ha moment when when you say to yourself, “why did I never see that before?” or “what’s wrong with me; why do I do that?” That moment when you say, “oh, it all makes sense, now…”

As I was looking at a Book of Days post I have yet to publish, I realized that I can make the pages the same. Let me try and explain… When I started my Book of Days in Jan, I had this idea that every page was going to be different from what I’d already done. That every page was going to have something new, something untried. The light flashed… why would I put that kind of stress on myself?!? This is MY journal, MY art and it can be anything I wanted!! I know, it’s a crazy, warped restriction I imposed on myself!! Sheesh! That’s DEFINITELY NOT being kind, loving or gentle on myself. 

What a relief to know that I can make every page look the same if I want to. To know that it doesn’t matter if it all looks the same. It’s all about the process more than the end result. It’s about getting to know me better. It’s about remembering who I am. 

I think I like who I am. 


One thought on “Warped Thinking

  1. Lorrie, you are so right, we are sympatico…working through the same thing at the same time, eh? Great post, great thoughts, thanks for sharing. It’s nice to know you’re there :)

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