Whimsical Workspaces- week 2

Because my week was looking like I would be too busy to get to doing things for week 2, I had started out thinking I would just think about where I wanted things to go and what would work the best for me. I was able to get my shelves on Sunday, so that made me want to assemble them and get started organizing. So I did!!! As with most things, the end result is hardly ever what I planned at the start!

This is what I thought I wanted:


I even started putting things on the shelves, grouping related items together.


Looking so much better than before the shelves!!


I can see under my table!!


Later that evening, after I had spent some time sitting at my table, I couldn’t figure out what was “off.” From past experiences, I have learned to leave whatever it is that is not working; to take a step back and look at something else. My brain then has a chance to process the change and let me know what I need to do to make it work. In this case, it was the fact that I just didn’t like the shelves as a corner unit. That little expanse of wall between the doorway and shelf  just looked “unfinished.” So, at 9:30pm I removed all the stuff from the shelves, unscrewed and separated the units, re-positioned them against the one wall then attached all the nuts and bolts connecting the two units back together! Happy! Joy! Bliss!  I replaced all the boxes and added a few others that contained scrapbook-related items like photos, negatives and more boxes with things “to be scrapped.” These two photos are the view from my table/desk that just makes me go “aaahhh.”




One thought on “Whimsical Workspaces- week 2

  1. I am reading backwards, catching up since I was off awhile, and I really like your idea of a whimsical workspace. I might steal some ideas as I have a whole room to play with in my new apartment.

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