Whimsical Workspaces – w1, d7

Day 7: section 6

This was by far the easiest section. It just looks like a lot, but the two cargo bags hold t-shirts and jeans for quilts; the three boxes have carpet samples that are already spoken for – I’m just the storage unit :D. That stack of fabric are squares cut out of jeans for a quilt and the three blankets are keepsakes for my girls that were given to them as babies. They went in the laundry, ;) The serger on the floor is now next to my sewing machine which both will go up on a table to be ready for spontaneous sewing!

WW wk1d7 before.jpg



WW w1day7 after.jpg


What? Empty floor space?!? (Heehee) And that was day 7, section 6 – DONE!!! I did it!! I completed the week and did my whole studio! Yahoo!!!! I am so happy and still can’t believe it. Getting my shelves in a couple days and really looking forward putting everything in its place and off the floor!

I finished the entire first week!!! I can honestly say, ” if I can do this, you can do this!!!” It was so darn easy and actually a bit of fun thrown in the mix just to be able to reacquaint myself with old friends (fabric, yarn, paper, etc). In fact, I feel lighter. I didn’t realize how stressful and unbalancing living in, let alone just looking at a crazy, hot mess made me feel! I am finally able to balance out this part of my life and breathe that much easier. Imagine how much lighter and easier to breathe it will be when everything is sorted, organized and put in its place in the very near future!!


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