Whimsical Workspaces – week 1, day 4

I forgot to post this last night and remembered today when I was looking at all my draft posts.

Day 4 – section 3
There wasn’t very much to do in today’s section; it didn’t take me long to complete. I’ll admit, I was very tempted to either start sorting or move ahead to the next section but I didn’t, I stayed focused and kept on track.

My goal today was to move paints, inks, some stamps, stencils, and palettes from the small bookcase to the blue drawers and to see what I wanted to do with the full cargo bag under the table.

blue drawers.jpg

Here’s my small bookcase with an empty shelf I have yet to decide how I want to fill it. I moved it over to the corner and moved another big plastic bin (it’s holding smaller storage containers) out of the room. That cargo bag was under the table that hold old t-shirts and jeans designated for quilts.

small bookcase and cargo bag.jpg

I love that I’m already seeing more empty space in my room! I forgot just how big my room really is! I may be able to bring in a comfy chair and have my cozy “mom corner” after all!!


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