Whimsical Workspaces week 1-day 3

I forgot to say yesterday that I didn’t do everything all at once. I took coffee breaks, a lunch break, played Super Mario on the Wii with my kids, did a little more, had some tea, watched a bit of TV, finished up and then I was done! Today was slightly different in that it only took me about 40 mins to finish all of Section 2. I know that tomorrow will be more like section 1 and that works great for me. It really takes the pressure off that I place on myself for no apparent reason. What’s up with that?!?

Day 3 – Section 2: clear out blue drawers so I put in paints, inks, stamps and re-useables  for palettes. That will leave an extra drawer for something… haven’t decided what exactly but most likely it will be things I use on a daily basis. The wonderful thing about this unit on wheels is that it fits perfectly under my table! Of course, I haven’t been able to find another one. I would love to have one to put under my sewing table! As you can see, the drawers are empty! I forgot to take a before photo, ;)  It only took me about 10 mins to clean this out… most of it got moved to the blue metal shelves for safekeeping until I’m done and in the organizing stage.

empty blue drawers.jpg

There was just another big plastic bin in this section that had some old purses and miscellaneous papers on the top of it. I   put the purses in my PIF area and the bin was done. I can see my floor!!! The bags and re-usable cardboard from yesterday are in the top bin and the heavier one from today is on the bottom. Aaaah… SPACE!!

pink bins.jpg

More tomorrow…

I’m off to Art, now, yay!


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