Whimsical Workplace – week 1, days 1 & 2

The other day I was looking around willowing.ning.com and stumbled upon this FREE class: Whimsical Workspaces . The name of the “class” really intrigued as I read it and thought to myself, “this is JUST what I need!!” I enrolled, watched the videos and got to work. It’s not what you’re thinking… this wasn’t another style of blitzing and getting it all done and over with as quickly as possible. No, this is all about creating a space to work in that makes you want to create. In the past my workspace has consisted of either a very small place on my table just big enough for whatever I was working on or I was actually working on top of whatever was on the table at that time. Well! No more!! With this approach, I actually found myself making a plan of attack and feeling like I could accomplish my goal of a wonderful, nurturing, blissful creative haven. This method is a 4-week plan that can work on any size room or area that just seems insurmountable when one thinks of organizing said room or space.

I wanted to share my journey of creating my Whimsical Workspace and maybe one of you will join me. Today is actually day 2 and I had debated with myself about whether to blog or not. I decided that blogging about it makes me somehow more accountable for achieving my goal. I am being gentle with myself if there are days when I’m not able to complete that days task. It’s ok, I’ll just do it the next day. After what I accomplished today, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to keep up. I am SO excited about this and can’t wait to find out how my space will look completed!

Day 1 – Make a floor plan. Included was the furniture I have in my studio/craft room along with the boxes and bags on the floor and several chairs. It’s not to scale, but it gave me a visual to be able to divide the contents equally and also inspired some ideas for more table space. (More on that next week). I’m using a diary planner so I can write down what I need to do for each day. It really helped me to stay on track and remember what I wanted to do with what. It also reminded me that there was to be no sorting through boxes or bags, organizing or finding a place to put things. This week is about clearing out, grouping related items together, throwing out things, recycling, and PIFing – paying it forward – giving things away that I no longer use or won’t use to someone who will!

After I made the floor plan, I was then able to make 6 sections of roughly equal content. I decided on the way I wanted my studio to be in order for me to feel relaxed and want to create. After having a clearer picture of what I wanted to do, I decided which sections needed to done first. Which one would create storage space for the subsequent section and so on. That took a bit of planning, but I think it’s going to work this way. I also wrote down what needed to be done for each section so that I could just open my diary, read the check-list and get to work. Planning makes such a huge difference for a self-proclaimed procrastinator!!!


Day 2 – Section 1. I have two metal shelving units together but I only wanted to clear the left side. I decided to get rid of some old magazines that I haven’t referred to and probably will never refer to. I wanted to get rid of all those paper trays, too. I have to confess here that I hang on to magazines, even if I never read them again! Yikes! I started in on the 2nd shelf down which had 2 ugly stacks of magazines (The top shelf is 8ft; the ceiling is about 11 ft, in case anyone’s wondering). I had already finished that shelf before I remembered I wanted before and after photos. Sheesh! Those magazine boxes make a HUGE difference!

Here’s the way the shelves look now. I am so relieved and feel so much lighter! There are actually 7 magazine boxes on that shelf!! The other magazines and notebooks just below the magazines I know that I want there on these shelves. The same goes for the boxes of beads and beading paraphenalia. That basket contains “drop stuff-” stuff I just drop into it as I walk into my room, which will only take about 10 mins to sort through later. The boxes on the bottom have quilting stuff and yarn which I know are going to stay there. On to the next bookcase in section 1…

I am going to put up another shelving unit like the one above but I need to make some space before I do that!! I’m going to move this wooden bookshelf onto that wall on the right side of the photo where the large piece of cardboard is leaning against. The boxes on the top shelf and my scrapbook albums on the bottom are all fine where they are. I haven’t decided if I want to move my albums into a cabinet I have in my living room or keep them on this bookshelf when I move it. TBA. My goal here was to put all my reusable paper bags and cardboard into a big plastic bin and consolidate all my negatives in smaller boxes into a bigger box, freeing up space. What a mess, right?


After. The white box holds all the smaller boxes of negatives and scattered photos. More magazines were moved to the other shelving unit. There’s so much space!


.And the big bin that now holds all reusable paper bags and cardboard. I may end up sending all other saved cardboard to recycle. Actually, I will do that when I get to that section.

And, finally, the bags of stuff on their way out of my studio!!! Once I got the hang of just grouping related items together, the process moved along quickly. I had about 7 main bags – PIF (Pay It Forward), things to keep and sort through later, sewing/quilting, crocheting, recycling and trash – was very liberating, especially knowing that it’s only going to take 10-15mins max to put the things from each bag in their places once the room is done! How wonderful is that?!?

Looking forward to section 2…


4 thoughts on “Whimsical Workplace – week 1, days 1 & 2

  1. Thank you for the links! I’d love for my new workroom to be a well organized space that inspires creativity so I will definately check it out before I figure out what to do in there. Reading your posts are inspirational!

    • Welcome back! You’ve been missed! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it. My studio is coming along although I have resigned myself to the fact that this will be a long-term, on-going process. But at least I have floor space and there is enough semblance of order to make me want to create and that is the most important thing! Have fun creating your Whimsical Space! This was an amazing “class” and I will be incorporating the same methods in other areas of my house.

  2. susan burton says:

    What a wonderful idea and job Lorrie! My place is so small and I have so much craft/paint/quilt stuff trying to keep all organized is quite a job. This has been on my mind for some time now so I will check out the site and put something into action soon. I am quite busy at the moment so may be delayed a few weeks, but do it I will.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Susan, you are SO welcome. The great thing about this approach is that it can apply to any size space – even an over-crowded table! I have several small areas that are next in line, lol. I can’t wait for the organizing and beautifying weeks! Who ever thought that clearing and organizing could be fun?!?


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