I was looking through one of my sketchbooks and came across this page. I had forgotten how much I love the colors.

“Dragonflies belong to the animal insect order Odonta, suborder Epiprocta and the infraorder Anisoptera. Each type has its own specific Latin name.

Valuable predators that eat mosquitos, flies, bees, wasps and ants, some cultures were superstitious about them and were viewed in a negative light. European cultures linked them to injury or harm giving them names like “devil’s darning needle, Eye Poker” and often associated them with snakes.

Some Native American tribes see them as representing swiftness and activity.  For the Navajo they represent water: they lay their eggs in water are hatched in water there and then become airborne.

For the UAE nationals dragonflies represent good fortune – if you see one, something good is going to happen. I like that.

In Japan dragonflies symbolize courage, strength, happiness, and are associated with early and late summer and early fall.”

Interesting that cultures closer to nature view the dragonfly positively. Their beauty and intricately formed wings amaze me every time I see one. My sketch doesn’t do them justice, but I still like it.


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