Hatching: No Eggs Involved

I learned another art technique. Well, it’s actually self-taught but I was inspired to try it. It’s called hatching and consists of lots of lines drawn closely together.  Cross-hatching would be lines that go in one direction for the first layer and the following layers are in different directions – vertical, horizontal and diagonal. I was nervous but determined to try. So, I took a deep breath, grabbed my pen and did it! I’m so glad I found the courage. I surprised and impressed myself! I didn’t know I had it in me, but apparently I do!!

Now that the weather is more conducive to having coffee on the veranda (which is really a big porch) I have gotten into the routine of arting while enjoying that oh-so-necessary, start-the-day first (and second) cup(s) of coffee and thought it would be fun to document today’s session   of “Breakfast Art.”

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The bumps in the page are because I’m working in an altered composition notebook. The glued pages cause parts of the pages to buckle, but I like that messy, textural look and feel. This page was done with just a regular blue ballpoint pen. Impressive, huh?


2 thoughts on “Hatching: No Eggs Involved

  1. Framing your sketch is the way I learned from Alisa Burke – an amazing watercolor artiste. I think it just adds that extra oomph and gives one a peek into what the artist is about at that particular time.

  2. Yes, very impressive for a first try at hatching. The shells are beautiful. I like your art journal, especially the way you draw a border and write around the edges. Art and coffee sounds like the best way to start each day. :)

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