2012 post

I have been putting off posting something to my blog. Not sure why, I just have. Maybe because I don’t have any clear resolutions or things I want to do better or new things I want to do. If this was a “post-a-week” challenge, I’d be right on time for my first post. If this was a “post-a-day” challenge, I’d be late. I guess it really doesn’t matter what category this post squeezes into; what matters is that it’s a post. And the first one for 2012.

There! That’s wasn’t painful at all. It’s set the ball in motion and now I’m more in a blogging frame of mind. It’s that first step. Whether it’s something new or something I return to, it can sometimes feel like a blind leap of faith, especially if I don’t now where my foot is going to land. And at the same time it’s so exhilarating and exciting and scary all at the same time. Isn’t it fun to just jump right in?!?


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