Postaweek2011 Reflection

When I took up this challenge, I really didn’t think I would continue. Didn’t have very much faith in myself, did I? I started posting in May 2010 and for two months I posted 15 times. Then, I just stopped. I didn’t plan on stopping, stuff just “happened,” I wanted or thought I needed time to create a “good” post, etc., etc. My reflective musing could be about all the reasons why I thought I should post. But it’s not.

It’s a   **!!CELEBRATION!!**  I’m celebrating that I completed the challenge!! Yahoo!!! I made it through the whole year of posting nearly every week! And the weeks that I didn’t post, I made sure that I made up for it at a later date. I forgave myself for the weeks that I didn’t post and praised myself for the weeks that I did. 

I also learned some very important things about myself:

  • I can create a post without pictures! This was a big “A-HA” for me. Why did I think I had to have a picture to go with every post? There are SO many of us that just write to our heart’s content and that’s enough. Actually, some days, it’s more than enough.
  • I can publish a “bad” post. What’s a “bad” post? What made-up definition am I using? What inner critic am I trying to please and why??
  • I can publish just a photo(s). A picture truly can say a thousand words.
  • It’s OK(!) to not have a big audience. Who am I doing this for? Really?

There’s more but those are the BIG ones! Seeing these revelations in print seem so obvious.  Can’t see the forest for the trees comes to mind. The bigger picture. Blogging is a way of getting my thoughts out of my little head. Remember the “Pensieve” in Harry Potter?? My blog is like that… putting my thoughts to paper, and in this case, here at WP, making room for more thoughts and ideas. It’s always good to clear out the old to make room for the new.

Blogging plans for 2012? I am definitely going to continue. Weekly posting works great for me. My days seem to fly by and suddenly, before I know it, it’s a new week! Could that be considered daily? Being a part of a group challenge somehow made me feel accountable. Not that anyone was checking on me, but I knew that it was something I wanted to do. It’s a commitment I’ve kept and honestly? I’m very proud of myself.

Things I would do differently for 2012? Definitely have more posts without pictures. Pictures are interesting and help tell a story, but what if I there are no photos to go with my thoughts? It’s OK to have a post with no pics. Maybe that will be my new blog mantra? A new blog topic?

Oh, and if I did my math correctly, this should be my 100th post!!!! WOW!! Yay, me!!! 85 of them this year. That’s more than just one a week!

Here’s to a magical, wondrously abundant 2012! It’s the Year of the Dragon…


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